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Windows 10 Mail Configuration
Windows 10 Mail Configuration
Using your Email with Windows 10
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This guide explains how to configure your Windows 10 Mail client to access your email account. This tutorial was created using version 17 of Windows 10 Mail. If you are using a different version, these instructions may differ.

How do I find my email cluster?

In order to setup your email client, you will need to know which email cluster your account is hosted on. If you don't know this information, you can check with your email service provider, or try logging into webmail at:


Cluster A:

Cluster B:

If you are able to successfully login to the webmail interface, then you have found your mail cluster. If you are not able to login to either cluster, please contact your email service provider for support.


Step 1: Open the Mail application

Click Add Account


Step 2: Select Account Type

Select Other Account


Step 3: Enter Account Details

Enter your mailbox username, display name, and password. Then click Sign In


Step 4: Enter Advanced Account Information

If Windows is unable to automatically detect the correct connection settings, you may be required to enter advanced account settings. You may enter the above information.

The mailbox is now configured for access in Windows 10 Mail.


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