My Drive is your storage area for images. To add these images to your website pages, you actually need to use the Image feature from the Modules tab in the website builder.

To find out how to replace a template image with a different image, see the guide: How do I replace a template image with a different image?


Here’s how to add an image to a new location in a web page on your Bookmark website :


Step 1: Select the target web page

Close My Drive if you have it open. In the website builder of your Bookmark website, go to the web page you want to add the image to. The target page should be open in the main window of the builder before proceeding to Step 2.


Step 2: Open the Modules tab and locate the Image feature.

Click the Modules tab to open it. The Image feature is at the top right.


Step 3: Position the image on the web page

The images module works by drag-and-drop. To place the image on the web page, you click and drag the Images module icon to the position on the web page where you want to add your photo, then drop it.

Note: Template pages are set up with pre-set designs. To add an element to the page, you need to place it between, above or below the existing elements. When you hover over the elements of the page, the borders between the elements appear, so you can see where the available areas are to place new elements.


Step 4: Select the desired image from My Drive

Once you’ve “dropped” the image icon onto your web page, My Drive will open. Select the image you want to add to the page by double-clicking it.

My Drive will close, and your image will be added to the page.


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