Step 1: Open My Drive

In the website builder, open My Drive by clicking it in the left sidebar.



Step 2: Choose the folder you want to add the image to.

You will notice that when you open My Drive, it defaults to the Images folder that contains your template’s pre-populated images. You can add images to that folder. If you’ve made other folders, and you wish to add your image file to one of these, click the folder name in the left side-bar to select it.

In the image below, My Drive is open to the Images folder, and you can see another folder that we added called Design Projects. For instructions on how make a new folder, see our guide: How do I make a new folder in My Drive?



For this example, we are going to add the new image file to the folder we made for the new folder guide: Design Projects. After clicking Design Projects in the left menu, we now see our folder open. It is empty since we haven’t added any images to it yet:



Step 3: Click “New” button

Click the button “New” in the left sidebar of My Drive.


When you click the New button, a drop-down menu will appear. Choose “File” from the drop-down menu:



Step 4: Select the source for your image file

You can upload a file from your computer, or you can provide the image URL for an image from elsewhere on the internet.

My Drive will default to your computer as the file source. Click the Image URL tab at the top of the My Drive window to choose that source.



Step 5: Add your image

Follow the instructions to add your image:

Adding from your computer: either drag the photos from another window into the My Drive window or click the Upload Photos from your computer button to open a dialog box to select photos from your computer. (see the image in Step 4 above)

Adding image URL: paste the image URL into the text box, and click the ADD button. You will need to give your image a name using the text box at the bottom right of My Drive.


Step 6: Viewing your Image

Your image file will now appear in the folder in thumbnail view:



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