Modules and Sections are the two tools Bookmark provides for adding functional elements to your web pages.

Modules are the smallest type of building block. They do a particular, specific function. For example, an image, a button, a title.

Sections are larger sections made up of several modules put together by Bookmark designers in a style that fits with each template. For example, content layouts, a three-column price table, team member profiles.


Advantages of using Section:

  • saves you time by providing prepared layouts you can add to your page with one click

  • designs match everything else on your template, giving your pages a consistent look

  • you can customize the Section, so you still have total design control


Advantages of using Modules:

  • you can make your own page layouts from scratch

  • you can add a specific element to your web page, or to a Section

  • easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface


Each Bookmark template provides you with fully designed pages built with a combination of Section and Modules. To see what Section sections are already on a page, click the Section tab while viewing the page in the website builder.


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