Before we begin: Below you’ll find the Quick Answer to this question. For a more detailed step-by-step guide, please use Customizing the Content of your Section.


Once you have added a Section to a page in your website, you can edit all the different elements of that Section in the main window of the website builder.


In general, to edit any element on your webpage, whether it’s Section, a Module you added, or an element from the original template, click on the element, and an edit bar will appear beneath that element.


If it is a text box, once you click on it, a cursor will appear in the text box, and you should be able to start editing the text. If it’s a background image, click the Background button in the upper left corner, and the edit options will appear in the left sidebar area.


Here’s the default Quote Section for the Elenore Designs template:


This is a simple Section with just a few elements: the background image and the quote box. Each of these elements can be customized to your wishes.


The next image shows the Quote Section with all the editing options active:


Clicking anywhere inside the Quote Box does two things: it places your cursor in the text, so you can edit it, and it displays the editor bar just beneath it.

As soon as you hover your mouse anywhere on the Section, a small button called Background will appear in the top left corner of the image. Click the Background button to select a different image file, or choose a solid color for the background of this Section.

By choosing a different image from My Drive for the background, and typing in a different quotation, the Quote Section now looks like this:


Don’t forget to SAVE your work! Bookmark’s website builder does not automatically save changes. You must click Save at the bottom of the left sidebar in order to save any changes you make.

Follow this procedure for whatever elements you wish to update in the Section sections you add to your web pages.


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