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What is Section?

Section is amazing! It’s what elevates Bookmark above all the rest.

In a nutshell, Section is a set of beautifully designed and fully functional web page sections that you can add anywhere in your website with a single click.

For example, here is the Team Section for the Elenore Designs template:

With a single click of your mouse from the Add New Section window, you’ve got a cleanly designed section where you can easily profile your company’s Team members. Simply update the photos and information, and you’re done!


Each one of Bookmark’s website templates includes the full set of all 20 Section sections, and, each template’s Section is individually custom-designed to match the template style and theme. So whichever template you choose, you get it all, and it all fits together perfectly.


Try adding a Section to your website today!


The Sections are:



Inform your visitors about just who you are and what you’re all about, for example, a personal bio or company information.


Call to Action

Incite a response with a visually dramatic Call to Action.


Check List

Provide a handy Checklist to communicate important points.



Open clear lines of communication with multiple ways to contact you.


Content Style 1

Present categories of content using stacked paragraphs with accompanying icons.


Content Style 2

Organize your content in a grid pattern.


Content Style 3

Display content in vertical columns. This is a great option to use when comparing items.


Content Style 4

Longer paragraphs will look great with accompanying large images to the right.


Content Style 5

Break up your content by alternating left and right with images.


Event Registration

Create an event, and have users easily subscribe to it.



Add a Photo Gallery to showcase your images.


Price Table

Upsell your customers with a 3-Option Price Table



Inspire and motivate your visitors with your favorite quotation


Featured In

Showcase your most important links.


Social Media

Quickly and easily connect to all your Social Media



Highlight 4 statistics with a visually appealing infographic.



Gather user email addresses with the subscription Section.



Profile your staff members for that human touch.



Build trust in your brand by adding Testimonials.



Showcase a video on your website with this Section.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? But that’s not even all! A huge benefit of Section is definitely the amount of work and time you’ll save, but we wanted Section to give you something more that’s just as important to us: the ability to easily create a beautiful, professional-grade website that’s as unique as you are.

That’s why every Section can be easily customized to reflect your unique vision for your website. You can change the background images, color, padding, size, and more. Just click on any element of the Section you’ve added to your webpage to activate the editing mode.

Cool, huh? Yeah, we think so, too.


Here’s how to try it out!

  • Open your website in the website builder by clicking the Edit button beside it in the Your Websites tab.

  • Click the Section tab in the left sidebar menu of the website builder

  • Click the Add Section button to browse the Sections area.

  • Click once on any Section thumbnail to add it to your page.


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