Bookmark’s drag-and-drop Pages area makes it amazingly simple to add and move pages in your website.

This guide will show you how to position an added page as a sub-menu in a navigation tab. If you haven’t added your new page yet, please see our guide: How do I add a page to my Bookmark website? and then return to this guide.


Step 1: Open the Pages tab

In the left sidebar of the website builder click the Pages tab to open it.


Now you will see the current navigation tree for your website in the left sidebar.

For this example, we’re using the pages for the Elenore Designs template, plus a new page called “Added Page”:


Let’s move the new page “Added Page” as a sub-menu of the Projects page.


Step 2: Grab the page and drag it to the new location

In this example, we want to take the new page we’ve added, and make it a sub-page of an existing menu choice.

In the Pages area of the left sidebar, click on the name of the page you want to move and while maintaining the click, drag it to a position a little below and to the right of the page you want it to be a sub-page of until you see a new vertical line appear under the target page.


The new vertical line indicates the drop-down branch of the page tree that the page will occupy once you drop it.


Step 3: Drop it in the new location:

Once you’ve dropped the page your Pages navigation tree will look like this:

In your website’s navigation menu, if you hover your mouse over the title Projects, you will see Added Page appear in a drop-down menu below it. You can click on Added Page to navigate to it.


You may add as many drop-down pages as you wish using the same method.

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