At present, we’re working on creating an “undo” button for the website builder. In the meantime, there are a few ways you can undo changes to your website:


Option 1: The Revert Button

Down at the bottom of the left sidebar menu in the website builder, you will see the Revert button:

The Revert button takes your website back to what your site looked like the last time you saved it (by clicking the Save button at the bottom of the left sidebar menu).

Use caution with the Revert button - it undoes all unsaved actions. In other words, Revert takes away all the changes you’ve made to your website in the builder since the last time you clicked the Save button.

So if you haven’t clicked Save in a while, and you click on Revert, you might go back farther than you’d like.

If you save your work often, then the Revert button might be the right choice for undoing your action.


Option 2: The Trash Can

The Trash Can is a good option for removing a module or element from your page.

When you hover over an element on your page, you’ll notice a thick black grab-bar appear in the top center of the element. If you click on that grab-bar, a trash can will appear in the bottom right of the screen.

To remove an element or module, click on its grab-bar and drag it into the trash bin.

See: How do I remove a module from my page? for step-by-step instructions with visual guides.


Option 3: Deleting

Certain aspects of your website can be deleted, for example, pages and Sections.

If you see a little x beside the page name or Section name in the left sidebar, clicking that x will delete the item from your website.


Option 4: Retrace your Steps

If none of the above options are appropriate for your situation, you may have to try to retrace your steps, and go back and re-do what you changed. For example, if you changed an image, you can change it again. If you moved an element, you can move it back.

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