You can change the page settings, and add search engine data to any page in your Bookmark website in the Pages tab.


The page settings are:

  • Page name (what appears on your website in the navigation menu)

  • Page link (slug name for your page’s URL)

  • Page title (what appears in the browser bar when someone is visiting your page)

  • Page description (used in search engines)


Open your website in Bookmark’s website builder, and follow these steps:


Step 1: Open the Pages tab

In the left sidebar of the website builder click the Pages tab to open it.



Now you will see the current navigation tree for your website in the left sidebar. For example:



Step 2: Select the page you wish to change the settings for

In the Pages sidebar, click on the page you want to add search engine data to to select it. For our example, we are clicking the Teams page.

When the Teams page is selected, it is highlighted, and the edit and delete icons appear to its left:



Step 3: Click the pen icon to open the Edit Page Settings window


When you click the pen icon, the Edit Page Settings page for the Teams page will appear. Here you can change the Page Name for your website’s navigation menu, and corresponding Page Link for the page’s URL.




To see all the settings, click the Advanced settings button in the top right corner.



Clicking the Advanced Settings button opens two new text boxes in the Edit Page Settings window: Page Title and Page Description.


Page Title is what will appear in the browser tab when a user is visiting that page of your website, and is also used in search engines.


Page Description is a brief paragraph you can write, and load up with search engine keywords, to describe your page for search engine optimization.

Step 4: Make and save your changes


Click and type in the text boxes to make the desired changes to your page settings. When you are finished, click the SAVE SETTINGS button at the bottom right of the Edit Page Settings window.

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