Bookmark’s drag-and-drop Pages area makes it amazingly simple to move pages in your navigation menus.


Step 1: Open the Pages tab

In the left sidebar of the website builder click the Pages tab to open it.


Now you will see the current navigation tree for your website in the left sidebar. For this example, we’re using the pages for the Elenore Designs template, plus a new page called “Added Page”:



In this example, let’s move the new page “Added Page” to a new location between “About Us” and “Projects”, as indicated by the arrow in the image below.



Step 2: Grab the page and drag it to the new location

In the Pages area of the left sidebar, click on the name of the page you want to move and while maintaining the click, drag it to the position in the list where you want it to be.

The image below is a screenshot taken before dropping the page into its new location. You can see the grabbed page is ready to be added (dropped) between the two target pages


Make sure that you are dropping it in line with the other pages in the menu (directly below). If the page is dropped further to the right, it will become added as a sub-page. See our guide: How do I add a drop-down page in my navigation menu?


Step 3: Drop it in the new location:

After dropping it, the page is now located between About Us and Projects, both in the left sidebar and in the navigation menu in your website as seen in the builder window.

Just like that you have moved the page to a new position in your website’s navigation menu.



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