You can create and build multiple websites using your free or Pro membership on Bookmark:

  • Free members can create up to 5 websites

  • Pro members can create up to 15 websites


Below, we walk through the steps to start creating another website with Bookmark.



Step 1: In the Your Website tab, click the Create New Website button

To start creating another website on Bookmark, go to the Your Website tab, and click the button to Create New Website.




Step 2: Choose a template

Clicking the Create New Website button opens the templates page, where you can browse and preview Bookmark’s templates.


Tip: You can check out all pages inside a template by clicking the Live Preview button on the template’s description page.



We recommend following the steps in our Beginner’s Guide: Choosing a Template, which helps you identify your purpose and goals for your website and recommends the template(s) that best fit your Section.




Step 3: Register a domain

As with your first Bookmark website, you’ll need a domain for your site. The fastest way to get started is to choose a free subdomain of



Step 4: Your website is ready to begin

After registering your domain, the template you chose will open in the website builder window, ready for you to add your unique Section and content.





Step 5: Editing and managing your website

Each of your websites will be listed in the Your Website tab, where you can click to Edit, check your website’s Analytics and manage Form Data.

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