Once you are ready to share your beautiful website with the world, publishing it is simple.


Step 1: Open your website in edit mode

From the Your Website tab, open your website by clicking the Edit button beside it.



Step 2: Optional: Preview your website

If you haven’t done so already, it’s a good idea to Preview your website to see how it will look live on various devices. The Preview tab allows you to view your website from Desktop, tablet or mobile devices.



See the guide: Previewing your Website for more information.


Step 3: Click the Publish button

At the bottom of the left sidebar, you’ll see the Publish button. Click it to publish your website to the world!

Step 4: Share on Social Media

Publishing your website is definitely news worth sharing.

We’ve made it easy to share your website on Facebook and Twitter with this pop-up box:



Congratulations on completing your beautiful website on Bookmark! We’re so glad you’re a part of our community.

Now that you’ve published, check out Bookmark Analytics to keep tabs on your site’s performance. We also hope you take advantage of Bookmark’s free e-learning courses that are available to support your success online.

And remember, we’re always here for you at the click of the help button. Good luck!

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