Bookmark is the only website builder that lets you see how your entire website will look as viewed from every kind of device - before you publish it!

Previewing your site before publishing it is important to confirm that your page layout displays everything how you want it, you’ve included everything you need, and also gives you a great opportunity to proofread your text and verify your images.

You can also preview your site at any time during the process of building it, to make sure it is coming together according to your vision.


To preview your site, open your website in the builder, and then click the Preview tab from the builder menu on the left sidebar:


Desktop Preview


When you open the Preview tab, your website will open in a new tab in Desktop preview mode (i.e. what your website will look like if viewed on a desktop computer.) We recommend proofreading your text from the Desktop view.

You can navigate to every page of your site by clicking the menus, just as if the site was live.

To change the view to another type of device, look in the top left corner and find these icons:


Desktop is lit up to indicate that is the viewing mode you are on.

To switch to Tablet or Mobile previews, just click the icons. To exit preview mode and return to the builder, click the left-pointing arrow at the far left.



Tablet Preview

This is when the Preview feature starts to get really fun! Now you’ll see the outline of a tablet device with your website appearing on it. You can still click around to all your web pages and see how each one of them appears when viewed on the tablet. Here’s the top part of the page to show you what I mean:

Looking at the top menu bar, there are some additional options. You can preview your website on iOS, Android, or Windows tablets by clicking the icons.



Rotating the view: In the center of the top menu bar, you’ll also see a rotate icon in tablet and mobile preview mode:   

Clicking the rotate icon will change the view on the tablet from portrait to landscape, so you can see how your website will look if the viewer is holding their tablet in either manner.



Mobile Preview

Finally, the Mobile preview area also allows you to view your website’s pages across iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices, and once again you can rotate the device view.


Here’s what it looks like rotated:

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