You will Save your site often while you are working on it, and Publish it when you are finished, and ready to share it with the world.

As you customize each page of your website with Focus, modules, images and content, you will be periodically saving the changes you make by clicking the Save button.

The Save button looks like this:


and is always found at the bottom of the left sidebar menu:


You, and only you, are in full control of saving any and all changes you make to your site.  What this means is that Bookmark does not automatically save changes as you are working.


Don’t worry, though. If you attempt to leave a page you are building without saving the changes, we’ll remind you with a pop-up message, and give you a chance to Save before you leave.



When you click the Save button, a green bar will momentarily appear across the top of the builder, confirming that your page has been saved:



Once you are ready to share your beautiful website with the world, publishing it is simple.

At the bottom of the left sidebar, beside the Save button you’ll see the Publish button. Click it to publish your website!



We’ve made it easy to share your website on Facebook and Twitter right away with a handy pop-up box.

Once you’ve published, there’s still so much for you on Bookmark. Our Next steps guide gives you some tips and highlights on the ways Bookmark supports your online success.


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