Bookmark is proud to launch an entirely new section that can be added to any website you create - A Blog! This will allow you to post articles, pictures, comments, really anything you wish in a nice condensed specific platform of your website.

To access the Blog, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Website Builder

  2. Settings

  3. Blog

Once you are in the Blog you will see a starting screen with a couple of options, and three articles that have already been set-up for you. These articles can be changed at any time, to anything you wish, however, it is a good idea to read them first as they will give more tips around creating a blog.


Adding Articles

The joy of Blogging comes from the constant use of the platform. The more you post great content, the more people will come to read it and keep coming back. Having a compelling reason for people to constantly return to your site is the first step needed in monetizing your website.

When first getting into your Blog, it is a good idea to click on All Articles as this will bring up the Blog in its entirety. From there, two options appear which will allow you to add an article: Add Article or New Article (circled in Green).

After clicking on one of those options, the create an article window will appear. The first series of options allows for: Title, Article Link, Article Category, Status, and Featured Image.

After those initial sections are filled out, there is another optional section for Advanced Settings. This is where you can add: Page Description, Keywords, Footer/Header Code, and the ability to hide the blog from Search Engines.


Editing Articles

Once you have created the article, you will have full ability to edit the article content and the article settings. To access these options, you will need to click on All Articles from the left-hand side menu. This will bring up all of the articles that have been posted, with options of editing them underneath.


Deleting Articles

Deleting articles is just as easy as editing them. After clicking on All Articles, in the same place where the options are to edit the article, there is also an option to delete the article.


The best Blogs are very easy to navigate, this is especially true when you start to add lots of articles. To assist with this, we have set-up the Blog to have categories. Creating a category is incredibly easy and will help with the functionality immensely. To get to the categories section, you will need to click categories from the left-hand side menu.

From there, click on New Category,


and a page will appear which will let you set the Categories you wish.


The default layout that the Blog comes with is an infinite scroll with the articles stacked one on top of the other. This works really well for a lot of situations, but there are somewhere you need to change the setup, and this is incredibly easy.

To access the layout option, you will need to go to the homepage of the Blog and hover over the All Posts / Featured Articles tab on the right-hand side. Once you hover over that area, an option of editing layout will appear.

Once the edit layout button was clicked, a menu will appear on the left-hand side with two options; a start (layout) and a triangle (padding/border). Each of these options will have a few sub-options which allow you to customize the Blog even more. You can have three articles per row with a dashed border if you so choose.

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