Because you’ve chosen to purchase an email address for a domain name you own outside of Bookmark, you will need to make a few changes with your domain registrar to complete the set-up.

In this article we will cover the following options;

Before we begin:

In the instructions below, we use as an example domain. Please replace this with your actual domain name when doing the steps.

Completing the Set-up:

You will need to make two changes with your Domain Registrar (the company you purchased your domain from):

  1. Redirect your MX Record to:

  2. Edit your CNAME to:

*replacing “” with the name of the domain you are using for your email address.

If you are a tech-savvy individual, and that makes sense to you, go ahead and make the change on your domain registrar’s website.


If you’re like the rest of us, and that seems confusing to you, don’t worry. You have two options. You can follow this guide to walk through the process step-by-step, or you can ask your domain registrar to make the change for you.


Option 1: Asking your domain registrar to make the change for you

We recommend this option if you don’t speak geek or really cringe at the thought of changing your own settings. You can contact your domain registrar (such as Wordpress, GoDaddy, Google Domains, etc.) through their “Contact Us” option on their website.

Here’s what you need to tell them to substitute your actual domain name where it says “yourdomain” below:


I would like your assistance with a change to my domain details with your service.


I would like to create an email address that I purchased at (a website-builder service) using my domain. This means I need to redirect my MX Records and edit my CNAME records to point to the email server.


Could you please change the MX records for to redirect the MX Record to: and edit the CNAME record to


This is not a request to transfer; I want to keep you as my domain registrar.


Thank you so much!

It can take as long as 48 hours for your host’s servers to update with the change, although it is usually only a matter of a couple of hours. Please be patient, as there is nothing you (or we at Bookmark) can do to speed up this process. The email address will start working as soon as their updates are complete.

Option 2: Making the change yourself on your domain registrar’s website

In order to activate your email address, you need to direct your domain settings to the email server. This is done by changing some of your domain’s DNS Records (Domain Name Service Records) also known as zone files.

The tricky part is that there are many domain registries, and they all have their own interface for displaying and updating this information. We’ve prepared a  general guide that will direct you, but it may not match exactly with your registrar’s records. If you get stuck, check your domain registrar’s help guides for how to Add an MX Record, or you can send them the email request we provided in Option 1 above.


Step 1: Login to your account with your domain registrar

Open your domain registrar’s website and login to your account. For example, if you purchased your domain from, go to their website and log in with your credentials.


Step 2: Find the area to Manage DNS or Edit Zone Files

A good place to start is in “My Account” or “Manage Account”. Or, if you see an option for “My Domains” or “Domains”, try looking in there as well.

Within Account or Domains, you will be looking for something that allows you to change or edit the DNS or Zone Files. This might be an “Edit Domain” option, or you might have luck looking in Advanced Settings if you don’t see it right away.

If you can’t find it, don’t sweat it - just go back up to Option 1 above and contact your registrar to ask them to do it for you. They will know exactly how to do it in a flash, and save you a big headache.

We’ll start with changing the MX Records (Mail Exchanger). This is usually done by clicking a button to Add a New DNS Record, and then choosing to add an MX Record.


Step 3: Add an MX Record

Now that you’ve selected to add a new record, and chosen MX Record, you will likely need to fill out some entry fields in a form.

  • Priority - enter 0

  • Host - enter the @ symbol

  • Destination / Points to / Go to Address - enter substituting your actual domain name where it says

  • TTL - 1 hour

Then click the button to confirm / save / finish etc.


Step 4: Edit your CNAME

Another type of DNS Record is the CNAME record. It will be found in the same place as the MX Record.

Locate the CNAME record for mail. It might also be called email or webmail. Click the edit option for this record.

Change the “Points to” or “Destination” field to:

(replacing “” with the name of the domain you are using for your email address. )


Finally, be sure to click the Save or Update button to save the change.


Optional: Connect your purchased email to Gmail:

You can easily connect your new purchased email to an existing Gmail account and start sending & receiving emails on your existing Gmail email! To do so, simply follow these steps:

To get started, open the Gmail account you would like to connect to. Go to Settings > Accounts and Imports.

  1. To start receiving emails to your Gmail account from other accounts: 

    Step 1: Click on Add a Mail Account in "Check mail from other accounts".
    Step 2: Enter your purchased email address.
    Step 3: Select "Import emails from my other account (POP3)" and click Next.
    Step 4: Enter your Email & Password in the username & password sections.
    Step 5: Enter "" in POP Server.
    Step 6: To clearly label these emails to show where they are being imported from, check this option: "Label Incoming Messages" and click Add Account.

  2. To start sending mail from your purchased email in Gmail:
    Step 1: Click on Add another email address in "Send mail as".
    Step 2: Add your Name (this is your display name) and Email Address. Keep "Treat as an Alias" checked and click Next Steps.
    Step 3: Click on Send Vertification.
    Step 4: You will shortly receive an email from the Gmail Team. Open the email and click on the link to confirm request.

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