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How to Setup Clients
How to Setup Clients
Setting up Clients for your new Agency
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Ready to setup your first client?  

Setting up your first client is easy.  You have two different options for this.  


  1. Bookmark Bills Client

  2. Agency Bills Client


Let’s go over both of these options to explain the differences so you can choose which option is best for you.



Option 1:  Bookmark Bills Clients

This option gives you the most convenience when it comes to collecting payment for the website your designing for your clients.   Bookmark will handle the entire payment process from start to finish. You do what you do best, and let Bookmark handle the payment collection for each client.

Let’s go through exactly how this works.

Option 1 is selected by default, the first question to ask yourself is, am I creating a website that will need an e-commerce / online store for my client.   If the answer is yes, you select e-commerce from the pull down menu. If you do not need e-commerce then Professional plan is the one for your client. In this example we’ll stick with Professional Plan.  

Next step is to select the price for which the client will be billed each month.   Remember you will automatically earn 60% of whatever price you select each month for the lifetime of your customer.   You can change this later if you decide a price is to low or to high.

Now enter the clients, first name, last name, and email address and press create client.

Your first client has been created.  Now click the login button to start designing this clients website.  

If you need to change any client details you can easily do by clicking the client details button.   You can also delete this client and request payment.

When you’re ready to ask the client for payment click the Request Payment button.  This will send the client an email asking them to complete their registration process by creating a password for their account, then logging in and going directly to the payment page where the client will see the price you selected when creating the client.   Each time you click the request payment button another email will be sent to your client. Try not to press it to often as it may upset your client.



Option 2:  Agency Bills Clients

Option 2 is for agents who wish to collect money from clients own their own.  This option give agents the flexibility to handle payment collection using their own methods and prices.   

The way this works is Bookmark will bill the agent’s credit card on file which was used when upgraded to agency program.   Once you upgrade your client to a premium membership the billing will begin on your credit card. We’ll charge you $10 per month for the professional package and $20 per month for Bookmark’s business package (e-commerce). There is also a sliding scale based on the volume of sites published:
1-49: $10.00
50-249: $9.00
250+: $8.00
1000+ Contact Us

If your client stops paying, you can simply downgrade their account to basic (free).  We’ll stop billing your credit card for this specific client. Client will then be downgraded back to basic (free) plan which removes the clients custom domain name and adds Bookmark branding into the footer.   

This option is excellent for larger agencies who have multiple services they offer clients.   Agents who have collected payments from clients and have this system setup efficiently can easily continue this method.  

A few additional notes about creating clients

  • You do not need to add a password, the client will select their own custom password later in the process when you request payment from client.

  • Once you have created any type of client you will have remote access from your agency account into each of your clients accounts.   Simply press log in for the specific client you need to access their account.  

  • When logging into a client account you are automatically logged out of your agency account.   When complete with client account be sure to log out.

  • Once you client has access to their account.  They may decide to remove agency login to their account.  They can restrict access from agent and then later reverse that and allow you to enter their account once again by allowing agent access.   This can be done inside clients account settings.

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