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What SEO information can I add to my site?
What SEO information can I add to my site?
Adding SEO to your Bookmark site
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Site-wide SEO:

All Bookmark members can add site-wide SEO information to their website. The options are:

  • Site Name Structure

  • Site Name

  • Site Description

  • Meta Keywords

  • Header Code

  • Footer Code

  • View your website sitemap

  • Upload a custom sitemap

  • View your robots.txt file

  • Hide Site from Search Engines


Advanced Page Settings:

Advanced Page Settings allow you to set the following SEO information separately for each of your website’s pages:

  • Page Title

  • Page Description

  • Page Keywords

  • Footer Code

  • Header Code

  • Password Protect the Page

  • Delete Page

  • Hide Page from Search Engines

  • Make the page your homepage

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